Application form

Spain The Academy of Dramatic Arts, Seville "The Freak Child" La Tarara Teatro

fot. Bartek Warzecha

Please download and fill in the Application Form

and the Appendix no. 2 to Rules and Regulations.

The deadline for applying is 31st of January 2017.

For the calendar of other deadlines, please check the Rules and Regulations.

The applying performance should have been produced not erlier than on 1st of September 2015.

Please send your recording to via:, or any other portal which is convenient to you.

Please send your recording in an MP4 format. It is important for us to receive the best possible quality of your recording, as we are planning to use the fragments of your performance in our advertising campaign.

Along with the performance, please attach all other technical information, plans and photos that may be useful.

For the purpose of printing materials, which also needs to be ready in adequate advance, please add the information about your school, press note about your performance (edited for printing) and 5 pictures of 300 dpi from the performance.


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