Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations can be downloaded  Here

Important dates, for you and us, mentioned in Rules and Regulations:

31st of January 2017 – deadline for applying.

15th of March 2017 – By this date you should receive an email concerning the results of the official selection.

By 1st of May 2017 – if your performance was the lucky one to be chosen, you are kindly asked to send us:

  1. a written representation on granting a gratuitous license to use (disseminate) the artistic performance of the theatrical performance delivered during and as part of the Competition;
  2. copies of the representations confirming the obtainment of the necessary fire safety and occupational health and safety certificates issued for the devices, stage props and materials used in connection with the presentation of the theatrical performance in the Competition;
  3. subtitles in English and Polish.

30th of May 2017 – we will notify you about the festival schedule.

From 30th of June untill 6th of July 2017 we will have fun together here in Warsaw.


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