José Maria Vieira Mendes – Jury Member

José Maria Vieira Mendes

José Maria Vieira Mendes

José Maria Vieira Mendes was born in 1976 in Lisbon. He works in Theatre mainly as a playwright but also sometimes as a translator. He has written several plays (1 Bed FlatMy WomanThe Miser or The Last PartyAnaPadam Padam, etc.) that were produced in Portugal, translated into different languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Norwegian  German, Turkish, Hungarian, etc.) and published in Portugal in a first volume of plays in 2008. He has translated plays by Beckett, Harold Pinter, Heiner Müller, R.W. Fassbinder, Bertolt Brecht, René Pollesch, etc. He has written several texts for works by the visual artist Vasco Araújo and two librettos for operas. He has more recently been writing essays on theatre and literature, which have been published in several magazines and books.

He is a member of Teatro Praga (, a Portuguese theater collective that has been regularly creating theatre pieces co-produced by the most prestigious contemporary cultural organizations in Portugal and performed at several festivals and events in other European countries (Italy, United Kingdom, Poland, Germany, France, Hungary, Slovenia, Estonia, Denmark…).

He participated in the Royal Court International Summer Residency 2000 and at Internationales Forum 2008 in Berlin, where he has also lived with a scholarship from the Gulbenkian Foundation in Portugal during the year 2005.

He has won several important Portuguese theatre prizes, such as “Prémio Acarte / Madalena Perdigão” (1999), “Prémio Revelação Ribeiro da Fonte” for his work in the season 1998/1999 and “António José da Silva” Prize for best Portuguese-Brazilian play (2005).