Sarah Hickler – an artist working with the theatre of drama and the theatre of movement, an actress and a director. Gives classes at Department of Performing Arts at Emerson College in Boston. Used to be a part of the Mobius Artists Group. Already worked with experimental theatre artists, dancers and performers both from the US and abroad. Her last works include Into the Strenuous Briefness in TheaterLab in New York, Shoes on / Shoes off with DibbleDance Theater at the University of Brandeis and performances with International Action Theater Ensemble. Worked as a choreographer and stage movement director on more than 30 professional and academic productions. She also worked as a director in Sun Valley Shakespeare in Idaho, Sedona Shakespeare in Arizona, The Los Angeles Women’s Shakespeare Company, M.I.T. Shakespeare Society and Emerson Stage in Boston. In 2017, she published her book In the Moment: A Practical Guide to Movement & Improvisation for Actors.


Patrick Spottiswoode started working in Shakespeare’s Globe in London in 1984 and 5 years later he was promoted to a Director of Globe Education. Currently he employs over 100 subordinates, while over 120 thousand people of different age and origin take part in projects developed by the Department every year. In 1995, Spottiswoode launched a 30-year-long project of reading preserved English plays written between 1567 and 1642. In 2001, he inaugurated an annual Sam Wanamaker Festival for Drama Schools (students of Warsaw Theatre Academy took part in it in 2016). In 2011, he received a degree of doctor honoris causa at the University in Warwick and became an Honorary Fellow of King’s College in London. In 2011 and 2012, he served as the head of Shakespeare Theatre Association. American Shakespeare Centre rewarded him with Al Mahabba and Burbage Award. Co-founder ofThe Center of Teaching Shakespeare in the US at the University of California in Davis, which will be open to students later this year. Come summer, he will receive the grade of doctor honoris causa at the University of Sussex.

Karlovy Vary, festival

Allan Starski – scenographer, graduate of Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Created scenography for fourteen Andrzej Wajda moving pictures such as Człowiek z Marmuru, Panny z Wilka, Danton, Pan Tadeusz. Often employed by the most prominent Polish and foreign directors like Agnieszka Holland (Europa, Europa i Plac Waszyngtona), Roman Polański (Pianista and Oliver Twist) and Peter Webber (Hannibal, po drugiej stronie maski). Recently designed scenography for the movie The Cut directed by Fatih Akim. Received many film-related awards – a César for Pianist, Golden Eagles for Pianist, Pan Tadeusz and Pokłosie and also a Golden Frog at the Camerimage festival. He was also awarded an Oscar and Los Angeles Film Critics prize for his scenography to Steven Spielgerg’s Shindler’s list.

Danuta Stenka – Polish actress performing in theatre, films and radio. Graduated from Acting Study at Teatr Wybrzeże in Gdańsk. Worked in many theatres, such as: Teatr Współczesny in Szczecin (1984-1988), Nowy Teatr in Poznań (1988-1991), Teatr Dramatyczny (1991-2003) and Teatr Narodowy in Warsaw (from 2003 until today). She also had her guest appearances in spectacles by Grzegorz Jarzyna and Krzysztof Warlikowski. She became popular by playing in TV shows Boża Podszewka (1997), Ekstradycja III (1998), Zaginiona (2003) and Lekarze (2012-2014) and films like Chopin. Pragnienie miłości (2002, directed by Jerzy Antczak) or Nigdy w życiu! (2004, directed by Ryszard Zatorski). She received numerous awards, such as: Actress of the Year award at the International Film Festivals in Minsk and Kiev, a ‘Passport’ award from ‘Polityka’, a Wielki Splendor award, Aleksander Zelwerowicz award for the 2005/2006 season, an Eagle award (2003 and 2008) and a Golden Duck award (2003). In 2014, she was chosen the best actress at Boska Komedia 7th International Theatre Festival in Cracow. She was also awarded a Silver Gloria Artis Medal for her hard work in culture.