Enemies, a Love Story

Yoram Loevenstain Acting School


dir. Nir Erez


Herman Broder, a Holocaust surviror, finds himself entangled in 3 love stories at the same time. One of his partners is a Polish Christian woman who saved him from the Nazis, married him and accompanied him during their move to New York. Another one is a married woman who lives separately with her husband since she is taking care of her mother, also a Holocaust survivor. The third one is Border’s first wife. He was convinced that she had been murdered in Poland along with her two children, but she has returned as if she had resurrected.

Enemies, a Love story is a story about people who feel very attached to each other, standing at the threshold of their new life in America which ends in a surprising way.

Yoram Loevenstain Acting School was founded in 1988 in one of the roughest districts in Tel Aviv. Its curriculum joins professional top-notch acting classes with social works in the school’s closest vicinity. Each student has to go through an apprenticeship in 16 amateur theatrical groups operating in the district, which involves working with high risk youth, children of immigrants, special needs children, blind and elderly people. The idea behind the activities is to call citizens of the district to action and provide them with tools for personal development. The purpose is also to educate a new group of actors who are deeply rooted within the local community. School supports international cooperation. Its students take part in numerous projects or festivals held by theatres or academies all around the world.