The Dogs

National School of Dramatic Art


dir. Jorge Sarmiento Llamosas


While working on The Dogs, Elena Garro was inspired by the traditions of Mexican Indians. She tells a tale of an oppressive situation formed as a painful accusation directed at the society in which the forgotten weak and the poor suffer, but the play is not void of poetics and the beautiful language. That is what the Peruvian students focused on. The cultural background of their spectacle is immensely important, which allows emphasizing the magical personality of characters along with family traditions of actors on stage.

National Scholl of Dramatic Art in Lima was founded in 1946. It offers classes in three departments: acting, pedagogics of theatre and scenography. The curriculum of all of them maintains a balance between theoretical classes (history of theatre, history of clothing and design, psychology, etc.) with practical ones (voice projection, body awareness, acting exercises, etc.). Institute is actively taking part in the cultural life of Peru. It aims at educating culture-related professionals able to creatively and effectively respond to the conditions and challenges of both the local and international society. It also participates in international theatre festivals, for example in Romania, Greece and Egypt.